The Department of Mathematics is established in 2009. Since its establishment, it is not only rendering active services for allied courses in other disciplines, but also various programs at undergraduate and graduate level including BS, M.Sc and M.Phil Leading to Ph.D in Mathematics are in progress within the Department. In the current era of Science and Technology, knowledge and understanding of Mathematics is a gateway and key to success. It is the only single most important and necessary skill required for survival and existence next to the communication skill. The journey of Mathematicscould be considered as a journey from the abstract to the concrete. The training of Mathematicians inculcates creative and innovative thinking and makes them capable to understand and analyze problems critically. Problem solving in the classroom leads to the problem solving in laboratory and eventually in the industry. These programs are balanced blends of theoretical and practical knowledge related to the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Engineering and Technology which meets the demands of Modern Science and Technology as par requirement of the country and abroad. The main focus of these programs is not only Applied Mathematics but also Pure Mathematics which essentially plays a vital role in the general frame work of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering and various other disciplines of recent research and applications. A silent feature of these programs is the introduction of subjects of Computer Languages and Numerical Analysis for the Computational Mathematics, whereas, Fluid Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics and Analytical Mechanics are offered for technical forces.


Mathematicians speak through Physics (formulation of general laws) Engineering (modeling from the general laws to create practical systems) and Technology (implementation and adaptation of a laboratory model to create a working system). The programs offered in the Department aim to establish a strong and solid Mathematical background and foundation necessary to start a career of research, development, teaching and exploring applications in various disciplines of modern sciences involving Mathematics.



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